preferences about what you want your funeral or memorial service to be like, you can take steps now to define your wishes and leave instructions for arrangements of the services. So many times we hear families say “I don’t even know what my mother’s favorite song is,” or “If I only knew what flowers daddy liked...,” and so on. Planning your music, flower choices, and memorial donations can only make it easier on your loved ones. We have never had a family say “Gee, I wish mother hadn’t done that." Instead, there have only been words of praise for their actions and kindness.


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An increasing number of people are preplanning their own funerals. This allows you to make difficult decisions in a more relaxed environment with less stress. Documenting your wishes for a funeral or memorial service may provide comfort and relief for both you and your loved ones. There are important reasons to pre-plan your service: 

     - Financial concerns: Many decisions about services and purchases may have to be made during a time of high emotional stress. Making these decisions ahead of time allows for more careful consideration of all the options.

     - Emotional concerns: Pre-planning is one of the most caring and considerate things that you can do for your loved ones. Making your wishes known in advance will reduce the number of decisions your family will have to make at the time of loss and will prove less stressful.

     - Personal wishes: If you have ideas and personal